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My Wife's Sister

by jamesonly4u 04/25/12

My wife namitha is 5.1 tall and under a 100 pounds. She is a beautiful black-eyed sexy young woman. She has great legs, a tight round ass and a set of biggest tits imaginable on such a petite frame. They don't sag and look positively mouthwatering without a bra. I love namitha very much and respect her as a person, but I have to admit that what first caught my eye were these huge firm 38-D's on such a tiny girl. We've been married a little over five years and have had a great marriage until now.

namitha has an elder sister named savitha who looks completely different from namitha. savitha is tall and curvy probably 5'10" or 5'11" with big ass and 34-D's tits. Anyway, savitha is a very successful realtor living in Mumbai and we hadn't seen her since our wedding day. We exchanged cards, photos and the sisters often called each other until last month. I don't get to travel as often but luckily i was assigned a trip to Mumbai, I called namitha right away and suggested her to join me so she could visit her sister.

namitha wanted to surprise savitha so we didn't announce our arrival and instead we just drove to her house, walked up to the front door and rang the bell and there was no answer. namitha suggested we look around back in case savitha was in the pool or gardening. As we approached the high privacy fence around the pool area, we heard voices. Both namitha and I pushed our faces close to the fence and peeked between the redwood slats. I had never seen anything like it in my life! savitha was face down on several towels on her knees with her ass high in the air, while this tan young guy was ramming in and out of her cunt with the biggest cock I have ever seen on a man and it wasn't just long, it was thick too. And that's when all my troubles began.

Watching namitha's reaction to the sight before us, I could see that she was completely turned-on. A virgin when we married, she had often told me that my nine-inch cock was perfect and that even it stretched her tight cunt at times. I'm sure she had never even imagined a cock the size of the one plowing into her sister. I have seen more than a few x-rated videos and the cock I was watching was bigger than any I had ever seen even on the famous professional stars. I felt major male insecurities at that moment. I saw that this wasn't the right time to disturb savitha and her friend, so I pulled namitha away from the fence.

We returned to the rental car and waited about an hour. Later, when savitha opened the door to our knock and the two sisters had a happy tear-filled reunion and we met raj, the guy now living with savitha. At 30 years old, raj was 10 years younger to savitha and was five years younger to namitha and me. He was muscle- beefy the perfect Mumbai stud. Over dinner, we found out that raj had been savitha's pool maintenance boy before he moved in with her.

savitha insisted that namitha and I stay with her and raj, so after dinner we collected our things from the hotel and drove back to savitha's house. There was a note on our bed asking us to join them out at the pool. It was a beautiful night and the pool area was beautifully lit. savitha was on a chaise her cuvy body wrapped in two thin strips of blue bikini. raj was in long white swim trunks and the long thick outline of his soft cock was clearly visible not to be missed by namitha's blatant stare. We had had drinks before dinner and almost finished three bottles of wine with dinner and now raj was keeping our glasses filled with some sweet wine and we were not feeling any pain. namitha giggling the whole time told savitha what we had seen through the fence when we had arrived that afternoon.

savitha went on to tell us that the first time raj screwed her, it had been fast and furious in the dark and she hadn't seen how big his cock was until it was all over. She laughed loudly and said, "Mujhe yakeen hi nahin huva ki maine uska bada lund apne andar kaise liya aur uske baad to jaise mujhe uski aadat si hogayi hai!"( "I couldn't believe I had really taken in all that pink meat, but I had and I wanted it again!) Then she stood and said that we were all family and didn't need suits in her pool. She dropped the two pieces of her suit and jumped into the pool. raj stood close to our chairs and slowly dropped his shorts. namitha was all eyes as raj hesitated long enough to give her a good look at his merchandise and then he jumped into the pool.

I could hear namitha's raspy breathing as she looked at me and asked, "rahul, kya mai bhi?" I didn't know what to say. Skinny-dipping was something sexy that we had never tried, but I was beginning to feel uncomfortable with the sexual tension obviously growing between raj and my wife. Just then namitha stood up,peeled her modest one-piece bathing suit off and dove into the water.

She was barely wet when raj swam right over to her and put his arms around her from behind and filled his hands with my wife's tits! namitha's hands disappeared below the water and I watched as raj's smile got even bigger.

"woh to uske bade choochiyon par marta hai," said savitha as she sat down on the chaise with me. "Aaj poora din woh uske bare me poochtha raha aur mujhe lagta hai ki namitha bhi uske lund par marti hai." I stared in disbelief as namitha turned to face raj and kissed him passionately.

"ye kya ho raha hai,aisa pehle kabhi nahin huva." I said.

"Relax rahul, iss me bahut mazaa aata hai.Tum dar kyun rahe ho? tumhare saamne hi to horaha hai,ise cheating nahin kehte aur tum Mumbai me ho to kya fark padta hai, bechari ko mazaa lene dona!" (what's a harmless little fling? Especially when you're watching? You're in mumbai now. Don't spoil little namitha's fun!" ). That didn't help matters as I watched namitha and raj climb out of the pool and lay on a towel. namitha had the head of raj's monstrous erect cock in her mouth sucking it with all her might as raj noisily slurped at my wife's cunt.

Then I felt a hand on my lund. It was savitha and I was surprised to notice that my lund was as hard as a rock. She bent over and sucked me into her mouth as I continued to watch my wife's slutty performance. After a few more minutes of sixty-nining, raj got up and collected cushions off the lawn furniture which he threw on the deck and then rolled namitha onto her back on them. He then knelt right up against my wife's ass as he pulled and hoisted her buttocks up into the air, sliding the cushions around under her.I knew what was coming next and as much as I wanted to stop it, I couldn't. And it wasn't the so-so blow job that savitha was giving me that held me back. I didn't want to cause a scene and most of all I was afraid namitha wouldn't stop even if I asked her to. By now namitha's legs were wide-spread and raj was in position with his monster-lund poised at the entrance to my wife's obviously wet cunt. savitha looked up from my prick and said, "Uska lund 14 inch ka lamba aur 7 inch ka wide hai(He measures just over fourteen inches long and just over seven inches around. Magnificent, isn't it? Don't worry about little namitha he's good at what he does and I'm betting he can bury it to his balls!" I gasped for my wife watching raj slowly work his giant lund into her stretched-open choot(pussy).

namitha was moaning and grunting pounding on raj's back with her tiny hands. Steadily raj kept up his invasion of her tiny cunt.I was waiting for namitha to yell "stop!" or scream in pain, but she didn't. Sooner than I thought possible, it looked like raj had his entire length buried in my wife. She had taken it all! They laid still together for a few minutes, then after a few more moments of slow thrusting, raj began to pound that big dick in and out of my wife's cunt with all of his energy. He lifted his hips away until he was almost out and then slammed back down into her. I could hear her wet cunt slurping loudly as it succumbed to raj's onslaught. Then his tempo and power increased even more and namitha went completely wild. She was delirious with lust and passion scraping his back with her nails and pulling his ass deeper between her legs. She was fucking him like some animal locked in mortal combat. And then they started to come, It wasn't slow or gentle. It was an explosion! namitha came with a scream and almost-pained moans and gasps. Again and again she clenched her arms and legs around raj. Finally with a deep grunt raj tightened his asscheeks and curled his toes as he shot his cum into my wife's cunt. I filled savitha's mouth with my cum as I watched raj fill my wife's pussy with his. They laid together a few moments catching their breathe and then raj began sliding his cock out of namitha's cunt.

"No!" she whimpered. He removed his dick and namitha's cunt lips slowly closed. I watched a huge wad of raj's slimy cum flow out of her pussy and run down between her ass cheeks to the cushions below her.

savitha stood over my wife and laughed, "Woh bahut acha hai chudai me,hai na?(He's something, isn't hel ittle sister?)" "I... I never... ohh..." namitha gasped in a soft voice.

"Use 5 mins do aur woh tumhe jannat dikhayega (Well, give him five minutes and a soft bed, and you will think you've died and gone to heaven). How about us girls switch bedrooms for the night? rahul? Is that alright with you?".

I wanted to yell "No! Of course it's not alright!" but I didn't. Something in namitha's eyes the way they were almost pleading with me stopped me from saying what I wanted to say. Instead i nodded a small nod, "Hey! It's mumbai, right?".

"That's right, rahul." said savitha, "I don't have to ask raj if he wants to switch. The way he's looking at your big tits little namitha, I know you're in for a long night!" And she was.

savitha and me shared her bedroom right beside raj and my wife's room. I was pretty nervous thinking of what is happening to our happy life, but savitha did something most erotic in which I was lost for almost an hour. She started giving me another mind-blowing blowjob in an urgency to make me cumm and she was successful in making me cumm allover her bigtits and face.My cum was dripping from her face which she was eagerly catching and tasting it like an ice-cream dripping from a cone, then she was all on her fours giving me a fantastic view of her big ass which I was dying to explore and then I started licking all over ass-cheeks with pure lust making love bites and licking her dirty little hole probing with my tongue as deep as I could and tasting her good, savitha was grunting and moaning quiet loudly. I'm sure my wife would have heard that.

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